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About Polidict

Polidict is a web service built for advanced learners who want to enhance their vocabulary. The platform utilizes a spaced repetition algorithm, a proven method for effective learning, helping you remember words long-term and improve your vocabulary recall.
To keep you constantly engaged, Polidict regularly updates its word database. It also features an image search function to provide a richer understanding of words.
Additionally, Polidict offers custom training programs. These programs are designed to meet your unique learning needs and styles, providing a personalized learning experience. Polidict is more than just a tool; it's your personal guide on your journey to master vocabulary.


We support following learning language: English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Polish, French.
English words database
We have database for over 200 000 English words.
Image search
Each learning item can have associated image.
Play correct word pronunciation.
Learning items can be added to user defined groups.
Customizable user words
Add any custom words or learning items.
Defined learning item collections
Two collections of English words.
Multiple training types: Flashcards, Quiz, Writing.
Personalized Practice
Practice only the words you need to learn
Advanced words search
Search for your words by text, definition, group or date

How to delete profile

To delete your profile, go to the profile page and click on the delete button. You will be asked to confirm your action. Once you confirm, your profile will be deleted.